Tradition and Innovation

The history of GEPRO SYSTEMS dates back to 1939 when José Estancona began manufacturing machine tools in a simple workshop. Thanks to more than 80 years of experience, numerous R+D+i programmes and continuous improvement GEPRO SYSTEMS has established itself and continues to be in a position for advanced technological development.

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1939 - José Estancona, a talented entrepreneur

In 1939, highly talented and inventive industrial businessman José Estancona begins manufacturing small machine tools, like polishers, lathes and drills, in a simple workshop.
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1940 DYE is founded

Duñaiturria y Estancona was founded in 1940 and his leadership in manufacturing larger scale machine tools grows stronger. Read More

1949 First Car

In 1949 he decided to build a car for his own personal use.
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1967-1970 Sends machines to the USA

Between 1967 and 1970 twenty heavy machines were manufactured and exported to the United States.
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1970 - Contact with CASA

A business relationship was established with Construcciones Aeronáuticas de Madrid, CASA at this time.
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1983 - MASA is founded

In 1980, CASA proposed that DYE should keep 5 large machines it had built for them.
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Samuel Ting visit

DYE becomes a leader in machine tools in Spain and one of the most important companies in the sector in the world.
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1980-1990 Expansion

This is a period of expansion and leadership for DYE in the international market of large machining centres. Read More

1993 - Gepro Systems is created

GEPRO is formed in Logroño in 1993 under the promotion of José Antonio and Mikel Estancona.
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2017 - The facilities are expanded

Gepro Systems expands its facilities with a pavilion of more than 4800 m2 in Matiena. Read More