Talent, Integral Well-being

At GEPRO SYSTEMS, we know people are a priority, and it’s not a mere matter of dialectics. That’s why we put in place a pioneering emotional well-being programme for everybody.

Talent and Commitment

At GEPRO we promote motivation and teamwork. Fomenting teamwork is the way to achieve common and strategic goals.

Well-Being at Work

A company is more than just a place to work. It’s a space for learning and personal growth.

Pioneering Programme

Only through constant innovation in the field of emotional intelligence can we achieve a constructive work space and a healthy motivated team.

Innovación constante

we collaborate with the emotio team

This entire innovative project for managing people is possible because of our close collaboration with Emotio.

We apply an emotional well-being programme for everybody on the GEPRO SYSTEMS team through the PIBE programme developed by EMOTIO. And we do monitoring so we can know the results and emotional state of the staff. At GEPRO SYSTEMS, we firmly believe in the well-being of every person and the influence it has on motivation, personal growth and the company.

In addition,

We have a gym

We believe in integral well-being that bridges different aspects of our lives, like nutrition and ergonomics. All these daily details make our bodies work better. Furthermore, we have two rooms equipped with several machines so employees can integrate physical exercise into their work day and, consequently, develop healthy habits and better physical and emotional health.